Michelin ’09 Released

And the rankings:


Acquerello — In SF
Ame — In SF
Auberge du Soleil
Bistro Jeanty
Boulevard — In SF
Chez Panisse
Chez TJ
Dining Room at the
Ritz-Carlton (The)
Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant
Fifth Floor — In SF
Fleur de Lys — In SF
Gary Danko — In SF
La Folie — In SF
Madrona Manor
Martini House
Masa’s — In SF
Murray Circle (new)
One Market — In SF
Plumed Horse (new)
Range — In SF
Trevese (new)
Village Pub (The) (new)


Aqua — In SF
Meadowood, The Restaurant
Michael Mina — In SF


The French Laundry

Me vs. Balut

mmmmmmmm…… Just like grandma used to make.

A few weekends ago one of the silly things i said came back to haunt me. I boasted to Derrick and Jaeca that if Jaeca would find and buy a Balut Egg then I’d give it a try. For those of you that don’t know what one of these bad boys are here’s the wikipedia page. Basically Balut is a fertalized duck embryeo. Its eaten in the Philippines and Vietnam.

The taste wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, kinda like chicken gizzard or giblets cooked when you’re making gravy for Thanksgiving..  Its more of a visual thing to get over.  I was pretty full already since I didn’t have much notice when they brought the egg by.  Note the little duck guy wasn’t that bad.  The real nasty part is the yoke.  It seems like a ready made heart attack.

So if you ever think of eating one it isn’t so bad.  Give it a try 🙂