Stupid AT&T … or stupid me?

I’m on the phone right now with AT&T help. We’ll see how well they can do to help me with my problem. The problem is the connection is really slow. I might not have even thought this was an issue and just something with my distance from the CO. The only problem is that this all started when I switched modems and started using the shitty one they sent me.

I switched since my neighbor downstairs that I share with was killing the connection. I thought switching to the original equipment and my fancy new router would be better. I moved to the speedstream 4100 modem with the Netgear WGT624 router.

Here they are…… ( Sun 5:08 ) …  we’ll see how things go….

Back — ( Mon 10am )

Wooo hooo.  Speed was 250K -> 350K.  Now I’m up to 1.2 mbps.  I knew there had to be more speed in the connection.  I was on the phone with various techs for about 2 hours.  It ended up being worth it.  When I finally got to the right people at AT&T they fixed the line in about 15 mins.  Their tests said my line could support up to 7 mpbs.  Not sure if I’ll go that high, but its nice to know.  I may move up to the 3mbps package since I’m thinking of trying to get rid of Comcast.