Synergy Crash Fixed

Synergy is awesome! I use it to link my XP machine to my Linux machine at work and share a common keyboard and mouse. I love being able to move between my 2 OS’s transparently.

So when I broke Synergy I was understandably super bummed. It all started when I switched my Windows XP machine to use the system default language or Farsi. I was looking to see if some internationalization stuff I was working on was behaving properly. All of a sudden…. Synergy crashing :(.

I looked all over the web for a solution since when I switched my language pref back to US English it was still broken. I looked all over the web and both Yahoo and Google weren’t giving me the answers I wanted. Finally buried in a forum post somewhere was the answer.

Synergy doesn’t like the XP language bar. Steps to fix this were:

  1. Navigate to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
  2. Select the Regional and Language Options applet.
  3. Select the second tab “Languages” then select the “Details” button.
  4. You’ll get the “Text Services and Input Languages” dialog
  5. Screen Shots of the Control Panel Dialogs

  6. Make sure all the items are unchecked.
  7. Save and Exit
  8. restart your machine and restart Synergy